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Tsinglan School Transfer and Make Up Credit Policy

author:school release date:2020-09-18 15:24:22

Tsinglan School will transfer credits from another educational institution or experience to the Tsinglan transcript for new students and for enrolled Tsinglan students under certain conditions. Documentation of the credits is required for an analysis to be done. Acceptable forms of documentation include an official transcript (with English translation if the original is in another language) and sometimes the course syllabus. An initial, unofficial, transcript analysis will be completed based upon unofficial transcripts submitted by students/parents. Transfer credits will be in “pending” status until Tsinglan School receives the official transcripts from the student’s previous school.


A. General policies regarding all transfer students

1. The Academic Office evaluates all requests for transfer credit.

2. Transfer credit is only awarded for high-school level courses.

3. Courses are awarded 1 credit or 0.5 credit based on the Carnegie Unit system (no less than 120 learning hours per course).

4. No more than 1.0 credit will be recorded on the student transcript for each course, even if the course is taken in different schools, or the referring school awards more than 1.0 credit.

5. Transfer credits are accepted for courses from Chinese public high schools.

6. Tsinglan School may accept credits from non-accredited schools when validated by one or more of the following procedures:

    - A review of the student’s academic record

    - An analysis of a sending school’s curriculum

    - A review of a Homeschool Association portfolio of student work

    - An assessment of scholastic performance

7. Letter grades will not be transferred and thus Tsinglan transcript will not reflect grades earned at other educational institutions. As such, those grades will not be included in the cumulative GPA.


B. Policies regarding students with course credit from public high schools and other accredited sources

1. Tsinglan School recognizes accreditations from
     NCA – North Central Association
     SACS – Southern Association of Colleges and Schools
     NWAC – Northwest Accreditation Commission
     WASC – Western Association of Schools and Colleges
     NEASC – New England Association of Schools and Colleges
     MSA – Middle States Association
     NCPSA- National Council of Private School Accreditation
     IB – International Baccalaureate
     GAC – Georgia Accrediting Commission

2. Students must be enrolled in the diploma program.

3. Transfer credits are accepted for courses on transcripts from public high schools or high schools accredited by one of the above-listed organizations.

4. Credits are transferred with the letter grade awarded by the previous high school.

5. Transferred credits will count toward the total number of credits required by Tsinglan School, but may not fulfill specific course requirements for graduation.


C. Policies regarding students with course credit from students transferring from high schools outside of the USA or from non-accredited institution

1. Transcripts from outside the USA must be translated into English.

2. Non-native English speakers may be required to submit an English language proficiency exam score or MAP in order to determine course placement.

3. At the discretion of the Academic Office, some credits may be transferred when validated by the course syllabus.

4. Transfer credit may be awarded in English, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies upon taking and passing an assessment of scholastic performance in the subject.

D. Credits earned from other schools or colleges while students are enrolled in Tsinglan School

1. Students wishing to take additional courses from other schools or colleges while enrolled at Tsinglan School, must request approval prior to beginning the outside course to ensure the credit(s) will transfer to their Tsinglan School transcript.

2. Students who need to make up a certain graduation credit requirement may choose to enroll in a course from a list of accredited institutions that Tsinglan School provides.

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